ICAST: Weld County Campaign

Jul 2020

In July of 2018, ICAST, my former employer, was awarded a grant from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) to reduce carbon emissions in Weld County, Colorado. Myself and two other people in the marketing department went about creating lists of property owners, developers, and property management companies within the county who met our criteria(over 5 units, over 25 years old, focusing on owners who had more than 1 property).

After finding phone numbers, names, and email addresses for nearly 400 people, we created several email campaigns to be sent out every other week over the course of 6 months. Additionally, I created a case study and leave behind collateral for the salespeople in the area. Any contact made by salespeople was recorded in Salesforce, and any emails opened were automatically recorded via the Campaign Monitor API into Salesforce. As of the time I left my position, over 900 low-to-moderate income (LMI) households had been upgraded including energy-efficient lighting, windows, low-flow water devices, and HVAC measures.

2 ICAST branded emails for the Weld County CDPHE campaign on a blue background.
The initial email campaign on the left was sent to Trade Allies(businesses in the multifamily property renovation industry who might want to partner with ICAST to receive rebates for energy saving measures.) A print leave-behind piece on the right was for salespeople to give to property owners and managers after an initial meeting.
2 ICAST branded emails for the Weld County CDPHE campaign  featuring case studies in the area, on a blue background.
The email campaign on the left was based on the existing case study template that existed when I arrived. It has been cleaned up and an infographic added, but still shows the dated design I inherited at ICAST. The email campaign on the right shows the updated case study template I created which provides more visual movement through the piece as well as better repetition of color.
2 ICAST branded emails for the Weld County CDPHE campaign with and without photographs of the sales people on a blue background.
Both of these email campaigns shared the same information, but in every campaign, I tried to provide multiple design options depending on the salesperson's wants and needs.
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