Hi, I'm Josie,

an Analog & Digital Stuff Creator.

I'm a Colorado based artist, designer, musician, and woodworker looking for a career in graphic design or marketing with a company that shares my outlook on life.

An original pixel-art illustration of a hand holding a pencil.  The pencil is leaving a blue and green trail as it writes.  This image links to the Design (Visual) portfolio page.

I've been a graphic designer, illustrator, and marketing specialist for over 20 years, with experience in print and digital realms. Take a look at a selection of my portfolio here:

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An original digitized pencil drawing of a DSLR video camera on a tripod and a key-light illuminating the tip of it's lens.  This image links you to the the Video (Motion) portfolio page.

I have had a love of digital video creation and editing for 25 years. I am in the process of filming and creating woodworking and musical videos, in addition to previous fundraising videos from my former employer:

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An Original Illustration of a Josselyn Cool Guitar Works prototype guitar in the style of a Rickenbacker 360. The guitar is pink and has 3 lightning bolts behind it.  This image links you to the Music (Audio) portfolio.

I've been a lifelong musician and songwriter. My skills include singing, playing guitar(electric, acoustic, and pedal steel), bass, drums, keys, and synths. I've been playing in bands around the Denver area since 2003 and have toured nationally on several occasions:

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An original black and white technical illustration style drawing of a wood plane. This image links you to the Woodworking(Tangible) portfolio.

My love for woodworking ranges from design, construction, and finish carpentry, to the creation of furniture and musical instruments. My home workshop exists to both teach others the techniques I've learned and to create one of a kind custom pieces:

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