Video Portfolio (Motion)

Here you will find just a few of the videos that I have produced for commercial clients, for myself, or things that showcase my ability to create and edit video and motion graphics.
In the fall of 2018, ICAST purchased an office building, renovated it, and moved the staff into their new accommodations. To celebrate the big move, and to create interest in our organization, I created this marketing piece showcasing the changes made over several months in the new space. We set up an outside construction camera to take photos ever 15 minutes, and an inside camera to take photos every 10 minutes. I sorted through the hours of footage and edited what I think shows a cohesive narrative about the change of a space over time. Additionally, I used my drone to capture footage of the building at 3 different times throughout the process by setting up an automated flight path and recreating it once a month. The background music was also an original creation of mine.
In the fall of 2019, we created several videos to explain and showcase the capabilities of ICAST. These were to be placed in different sections of the website, corresponding with their subject matter, or to be included in email marketing campaigns to potential customers. The voice-over audio was recorded on site using one of the office employees, Chuck Watkins. We were working with no budget for video capture or video stock footage, so I built this out of photographs in our graphics library, as well as animated motion graphics to create interest in our infographics. The background music was created with sampled drums and overlapping cello drones.
This video was created as part of our first MacArther Foundation grant submission. I was given no additional budget to create this video, so we used stock photos from our own graphics library, in addition to the video captured of ICAST proposal writer, Leslie Welch.  I prepared and shot the video, did all editing and audio sweetening, as well as created the background music.
This was a video I created while working at ICAST as part of a grant submission package that was sent to the MacArthur Foundation. I filmed, edited, and created motion graphics, as well as sweetened the voiceover audio, and created background music.  We had no additional budget for stock video, so we used free sources wherever possible in addition to photos from our own graphics library and a few stock images from Adobe Stock.  This was created during the pandemic lockdown, and with the exception of shooting the video of the speaker, Ryan Kristoff, the whole project was done remotely.

More videos coming soon!

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