Hi, I'm Josie,

an Analog & Digital Stuff Creator.

I'm a Colorado based artist, designer, musician, and woodworker looking for a career in graphic design or marketing with a company that shares my outlook on life.

an animation of 10 partial strips of photographs with color intensity changing every half second.
An animated illustration of Josie's head winking and blinking

What exactly makes this international woman of mystery tick? What course has her life lead in which she's gathered all these skills? What's her favorite kind of ice cream? Find out here:

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Over 20 years, One amasses an extensive body of work in multiple mediums and disciplines. I have those portfolios broken out into 4 categories: Visual(my graphic design and illustration work), Audio (the bands that I have been a part of), Motion (my video editing and creation work), and Tangible ( my woodworking portfolio). Please click the button to find out more.

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