Tangible Goods Portfolio (Woodworking)

I've been a luthier and woodworker for over a decade, having set up a workshop in my garage and diving in head first. I recieved a certification from The Colorado School of Luthiery under the direction of Edward Dick in 2008 and built my first Dreadnaught style acoustic. Since then I've built several electric guitars as well as many furniture pieces and home improvement projects for myself and others. My goal is to give more female and more queer persons representation to a traditionally male dominated field, and make some cool stuff for people in the process. I'm working on creating YouTube tutorial videos for each project I make, and finishing up several projects for customers that I've designed and built over the past year. Watch for this page to be updated as soon as I find the time.
Strips of Cherry plywood lined up on top of a table saw to be glued together.

"She'd" Project

In the fall of 2020 I started on a project to build a roughly 10'x20' clerestory 'she shed' in my back yard with the intention of eventually creating a new woodworking space for myself. Building codes in my city allow a homeowner to create an 'auxiliary building' on your property up to 200 sq. ft., so I tore down an existing shed and the original chain link fence and started building the frame. Over the course of the next 3 months I created my dream shed without any sort of official plans and with knowledge I gained from watching YouTube videos. Every step of the process was recorded and as soon as I'm able, I will edit together a multi part series about it's construction.
A photograph of my shed project at the point of framed walls being erected, but not sheathed. An outside shot of the shed when it was 75% finished, but missing doors and windows.
An inside view of the shed showing rafters and front doors

Mid-Century Plant Stands

Around Christmas of 2020, an old friend reached out to me, asking for me to create a series of 4 plant stands to give to his partner as a Christmas gift. They make an excellent gift, or a great project for your own garden. The best part, they use hardly any wood, and can likely be made from scraps you have laying around in a day or two.
!Project video coming soon.
4 mid-mod style plant stands made out of Maple or Walnut sitting on a cement porch

Sunn O)) Beta Bass Re-cabineting

Nearly a decade ago, I found an old Sunn Beta Bass combo amp at a local music gear swap meet in rough shape and only kinda working., After recently having it completely gone through and repaired by local amp wizard Noel Stubbyfield, I decided to make it more versatile and useful by separating out the head and the speaker into their own pieces. While at my hometown wood supplier, Austin Hardwoods, I found some beautiful 4 quarter Mahogany with enough width to do what I needed, and I figured, "If I'm gonna do this, I'm gonna do this right."

Video coming soon!
a bass speaker cabinet in construction process with a white speaker baffle.
A mahogany head-shell for a bass amplifier with dovetail joints.

Modern Record Shelf

I had a friend of a friend contact me asking for a shelving system to hold both her collection of records as well as her stand alone record player. After finalizing size and design details, I set to work in Sketchup to create a unique design that would serve her needs. This piece is designed to be made out of Cherry 3/4" plywood and 4/4 cherry lumber. The project is underway and I'm learning an immense amount in the process. When it's finished, I'll make a video and upload more pictures, but for now, enjoy the 3D rendering of the design.
An image of a Danish modern style record shelf design  modeled in Sketchup

JosieCoolGuitarWorks - Various Models

Over the past decade, I've been fortunate enough to have built half a dozen guitars for myself and others to play and enjoy. Additionally I've repaired and upgraded guitars for some of my favorite Denver musicians and friends. Below are a few offerings of what I've created, but expect more guitar related projects and videos in the near future.
An image of Josie Cool Guitar Works #005, a telecaster inspired electric guitar, laying on a wood floor. An image of Josie Cool Guitar Works #006, an angular electric guitar, laying on a wood floor. An image of multiple guitars in the process of being built. The guitars are siting on top of a workbench inside my woodworking shop.
An image of Josselyn Cool Guitar Works 001, a pre-war Martin D18 style acoustic guitar. It's siting on a cement porch in front of a red door.
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