Pinwheel Advertising: Identity Design and Collateral

Feb 2017

Pinwheel Advertising is a company that makes and sells signage frames with mechanical spinning attractors, or "pinwheels" on them. The signs would compete with human and robotic sign spinners as well as air inflatables. The owners wanted something to represent the pinwheels on the signage as well as a modern font to symbolize how they were a fresh new approach to road signage. I created a pinwheel illustration in full color using modern colors and kept the design as simplistic and professional.
This image is of an identity package and several pieces of collateral for Pinwheel Advertising.
Counterclockwise from top left: Color and Greyscale logo design; 4x6 postcard sized handbill to be used as a leave behind; Business cards, and a social media sized header for use on their Twitter, Facebook, and other social media usage.
This image is of a purchase order and a quote sheet for Pinwheel Advertising.
The biggest priority for the company was creating enough interest and buzz around the concept to manufacture an initial run of the structures. As such, they wanted to make sure to create order forms and quote forms. We decided to have the multipart forms printed in color since being bright and eye-catching was what they wanted to say about their company.
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