Littleton Print & Copy: Identity Package

May 2015

Littleton Print and Copy was the retail arm of Envirofriendly Printing. We wanted a small town, mom-and-pop appearance to the type and imagery, but still professional enough to attract corporate clients. The business is on Littleton Blvd near the heart of old town Littleton. The building was somewhat iconic in the area and had a beautiful Catalpa tree growing out front. That tree was incorporated into the full-color versions of the logo and the signage to help people associate the business with the building.

We prided ourselves on being an environmentally friendly business and so we used green as the main color of the logo. The logographic of the tree also helps reinforce that. The typefaces were chosen to give the appearance of longevity and stability.

This image details the identity package and an example of the business card design for Littleton Print and Copy
LPC Identity variations for with and without the tree, on a light or dark background, and a greyscale version. Also implementation to the business cards shows secondary acceptable color pallet.
4 individual rack cards sized leave behind flyers featuring the fictional companies Swanson's Brewery and Fine Dining, James Thompson Insurance Agency, Jasmine's Boutique, and Joyce Lee Massage Therapy.
While buying a paper lot from a closing shop, we ended up with 10000 sheets of 8.5 by 11 paper with 3 pre die-cut areas about the size of a credit card. I designed a series of "Mini Handouts with Keeper Cards" of hypothetical businesses to show customers how they could be used, as well as to showcase our ability to design in different styles.
Two single sided flyers for Littleton Print and Copy offering current sales and coupons.
To promote our upcoming specials, we would often print single sided sale sheet flyers with coupons on them. In addition to dropping them off with local businesses, they would often go out in billing statements to our customers. Above were 2 such flyers for such advertisements as well as a "billing sized" 1/3 of a page flyer.
Various Littleton Print and Copy Collateral and signage
Additional Misc. collateral items. Clockwise from top left: 8.5x5.5 multi-part form sales sheet printed on 3 part NCR; Shipping labels; promotional notepads; outdoor A-frame "sign-a-cade" street signs; Building signage. All pieces designed and printed in house.
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