CAPS Mental Health & DUI Services: Identity Design

Feb 2017

CAPS was a business that shared the building with Envirofriendly Printing. They were newly opened and came to us to create an identity package and signage for their business. They wanted to incorporate an image of transformation in the logo including a caterpillar and cocoon being protected by an umbrella until the time when it could turn into a butterfly. This would symbolize the care they provide to help get people back on their feet so they can soar as well.

The owner was female and said while the image may play a little feminine, she also wanted it to appeal to male demographics as well, so I chose san-serif, modern style typefaces and bold colors to make the logo more unisex. The diagonal umbrella helps lead your eye into the logo and adds to the visual flow of the design.
Identity design and business paper set for CAPS Mental Health Services
Counterclockwise from top right: CAPS Logo in color and greyscale. Letterhead, #10 Envelope, and Front and back of Business Cards.
Signage designs for CAPS Mental Health Services
Left image is vinyl signage on the front window of their office. Right image is backlit street signage in vinyl on white opaque plexiglass.
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