Bill Hopping for Littleton City Council

Oct 2015

Bill Hopping was a customer who came to Littleton Print and Copy for help with branding for his Littleton City Council run. Mr. Hopping was a long-time accountant and resident of Littleton. He ran on a platform of fiscal responsibility and bringing "new blood" to what was many in the community considered a "good ol' boys" club.

Mr. Hopping wanted to make sure the branding was clean, fun, and non-partisan. I wanted to make sure that it still looked respectable and trustworthy. Through this professional identity package, and utilizing two inverse color yard signs, and well spelled-out goals on his direct mail campaigns, Mr. Hopping was able to win a spot on the City Council for his district that year.
Identity design and yard signs created for Hopping for Littleton City Council
Top left was the final Identity design that was chosen for Mr. Hopping's campaign. The type based graphic was readable at a distance, as well as having a hint of whimsy without looking childish or unprofessional. Yard signs were a large component of his campaign strategy in which I printed an inverse color version and when placed in sets of 2 in a yard, were very eye catching. As a first time candidate, one of his biggest hurdles was getting name recognition, but he specifically did not want to make any puns or jokes about his last name.
Fold over mailing brochure created for Hopping for Littleton City Council
Mr. Hopping wanted to direct a majority of his campaign funds into direct mail campaigns. This was the first mailing campaign in which we laid out all his proposals, history, and what made him different. The piece was designed to fold to 8.5x5.5 and qualified for the Presort Standard bulk mail rate. This piece was mailed to all residence of the city who had voted in the previous election. in addition to designing it, I also prepared the list, CASS sorted it, created a variable data file for the mailer, and printed and finished the piece.
Postcard design created for Hopping for Littleton City Council
This direct mail piece was sent out 10 days before the election as a final push for visibility. It notably shares 2 direct quotes from business owners at the heart of downtown Littleton, as well as a condensed version of his plans from the previous mailer. This was sent out to every person in District 1 of Littleton, which includes most of the downtown corridor, and the neighborhoods to the west which is a mix of both upper middle class and wealth, contrasted with lower middle class folks in multifamily housing. The images selection and whole message of the piece was promoting a revitalization without change to the quaint downtown business area that defines the city.
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