Miscellaneous Concert Poster Illustrations

Jan 2020

This page is a collection of various illustrations and poster designs I've done for my own and other bands around the Denver area over the past decade.
Concert Posters for Oblios Arrow(A photograph of boots hanging from an old beam) and Teacup Gorilla(an illustration of a balloon tied to a praire fencepost).  The original hand drawing for the Teacup Gorilla poster is shown as well.
Teacup Gorilla is a band I joined in 2017 and play in still to this day. Our music is desolate and lonesome in many ways, but also very theatrical and whimsical. I liked the imagery of a balloon caught on a prairie fencepost. The attached initial sketch shows some clouds that didn't translate into the final design, but the linework all could be digitized and colored.

Oblio's Arrow were one of my favorite bands of the last 10 years, and while printing the CD artwork for their final release, they asked me to design and print some posters for the release show. They were former punks turned alt-country troubadours, so an outake from their album photoshoot became the background image, and the type all looking as though it were cut and paste plays on the bands roots in the DIY heavy music communities.
Concert posters for Bear Antler(an illustration of a bear with deer antlers sitting in a bathtub) and The Sloths (an illustration of The Stooges with sloth faces replacing the original band members faces).
Great American House Fire started out being named The Good Gracios, and near the end of our time under that name, we played a pair of shows at the Hi-Dive. Both of these illustrations were done by hand with and digitized. The poster on the left shows the original line drawing before being colored. The inset on the right shows an alternate color version of the poster.
Concert posters for The Tontons(an illustration of a man sitting on a dock) and Crazier Horse(a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer with an arrow through it and a feather in front of it)
The Image on the left here was meant to depict the idea of a lost love. You'll notice in the water reflection at the bottom there is an image of a girl, where as she's not in the more articulated image of the boy on the dock. This was digitally illustrated .

The Trophy Wives were a well known hard partying band from Louisville KY. I figured the middle ground between our Neil Young cover band and their hipster rock and roll was a PBR with an arrow shot through it. This image was compiled in photoshop and image traced in Illustrator.

2 Crazier Horse concert posters.  One of an indigenous man sitting on a horse, and the other, a flower in which the petals are horse skulls.
For a short while in 2011-2012, while auditioning new singers and bassists, The Uncertain Sea formed a B-sides only Neil Young tribute act called "Crazier Horse" after Neil's own backing band. I tried to create posters with the same indigenous people's iconography that Neil himself often uses. I was particularly fond of the image on the right of a flower in which the pedals are made of horse skills.
Concert Posters for Great American House Fire(Two figures in front of a train's wheels) and The Uncertain Sea(Richard Dryfus as a cyclops in front of the mashed potato Devils Tower from 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind').
Sleep Union is a band made up of the guitarist and drummer from one of my favorite bands of all time, The North Atlantic. had a line in one of my favorite songs that goes “trains run their wheels out, chasing lonely tracks, and the lights from this city are all some people have”. The image of train wheels and tracks is born out of that line.  Being as I was still forming my queer identity, I subtly placed two women’s legs in the bottom corner, facing each other as though in an embrace or kiss.

The Uncertain Sea had a running inside joke involving our bassist's hatred of cyclops. His favorite move at the time was Close Encounters of the 3rd kind, so we get a cyclops Richard Dryfoos floating over a mash potato Devil's Tower. This flyer was recognized in the Denver weekly paper, Westword as part of the “Our favorite poster of the week” series.  You can read their take, here!
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