Great American House Fire

A photo of the band Great American House Fire performing on a stage
I co-founded Great American House Fire in the fall of 2012 with Kristin Garramone. Our former group, Spokeshaver, was coming to an end, and I had decided to leave The Uncertain Sea. While the band morphed and changed throughout the course of it's existence, The constants were Kristin's soulful voice, a 3 guitar interplay, and my emotive and dynamic songwriting. Part Midwest-emo, part post-hardcore, and part dance-punk, we survived 25 songs, nearly a dozen lineups, and 2 gender transitions to put out a 5 song single sided 12" record and a split cassingle in 2018. Over my tenure in the band, I book us on bills with the likes of The Sidekicks, The Sloths, Tacocat, Wheelchair Sports Camp, K.Flay, and Mattie Jo Canino of RVIVR, amongst many of our local friends.

The band went through many lineup changes over the 6 years we existed, but for the final show with me in the band, our lineup was:
Kristin Garramone - Vocals (& Sometimes piano), Danny Steward - Low Guitar & Vocals, Kraig Hallgren - Bass, Dylan Essig - Drums(Including on recordings), Mikayla Berkesch - High Guitar, Wade Henderson - Drums, Josie Cool - Middle guitar & Skramz


If you'd like to learn more about the artwork and design I did for this band, please visit the project here.

This is footage of GAHF performing a set at Globe Hall in Denver, opening for the amazing band, The Sidekicks, from Ohio. This was one of the larger shows we'd played as a band, and featured a lot of the songs that would end up on our record, as well as 2 unreleased songs. This was one of the first shows Wade Henderson had played with us.

in 2018, after 6 years as a band, we finally released our first effort, Promise Me Endings, a single sided 12" vinyl record on Snappy Little Numbers. The record was produced by Trevor McMorris of Hooper and Charlie Continental of SPELLS, as well as myself and Kristin. At the time of recording, our drummer was Dylan Essig of the fantastic PA indie-pop/shoegaze band Brightside, but he moved back home before the record was released and we brought in Wade Henderson to fill that throne. For our record release party, we had Dylan fly back out and did a Fugazi style 2 drummer setup. Sadly as of 10 days after the release show I was no longer a part of the band I had started.

In preparation for the release of Promise Me Endings, we put out this split cassingle with our freinds Sophisticated Boom Boom(Note, Chuck and Jenn from SBB were former bandmates of mine in Out on Bail). The GAHF side featured a song from the early days of the band which was recorded in the same session as the songs on the 'Promise Me Endings' 12" but it didn't seem to fit with the rest, so we made it a single. To celebrate, we played a show together at Bowman's Vinyl Lounge in Denver.

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