The Uncertain Sea

A photograph of The Uncertain Sea with streams of typewriter ribbon blowing towards the camera.
The Uncertain Sea started because I was playing bass in Spokeshaver and I wanted the ability to play guitar in a band again. As a fan of the music and talent of Steve Albini, I was a member of his studio's web forum, affectionately known as "The PRF." Through that forum, I became friends with a wonderful group of people. Jeremy, Sam, and Myself made up about half of the Denver contingent of members at the time, so the three of us decided to start playing music together. My longtime friend Mike Taylor, who I had played with in Out on Bail, was brought in to play bass. We had our first practices in 2010 and by the fall of that year, we had played our first show. In 2011, we put out a 5 song CD-ep and took it to Austin to play the SXSW festival.
The Uncertain Sea(as picture above) was Sam Schiller - Drums, Mike Taylor - Vocals & Bass(2010-2012), Jeremy Brashaw - Guitar,
Josie Cool - Guitar & Vocals. Not pictured: John Thiltgen - Bass(2012), John Magee - Vocals(2012)


In 2011, we recorded a 5 song ep with Trevor McMorris at The Furnace Room Studios in Englewood, CO, which we self released. you can listen or purchase it at the link below.

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