A photograph of Josie and Kristin performing in SpokeShaver
SpokeShaver was a 4 piece progressive punk/emo band formed in 2008 after the dissolution of Out on Bail. I answered a craigslist add looking for musicians interested in playing songs in the style of Jets to Brazil and The Broadways. Somehow 4 years later we were writing 20 minute suites of music influenced equally by the British prog rock of Yes and Genesis as much as the songs of Brenden Kelly or Blake Schwarzenbach. The band released a 6 song CD-EP in 2010 and sadly broke up before we could finish our second album, a concept record about the creative cycle and the difficulty of being in a band in the modern era. After the breakup of the band, Josie and Kristin went onto form Great American House Fire in 2012

SpokeShaver was Rich Hazen- Guitar, Nathan Marcy- Drums, Kristin Garramone- Vocals & Electric Piano, Josie Cool - Bass, Synths, & Vocals


In 2011, We self-released a 6 song short run pressing of CD-eps entitled !Hlazers!

This video is from our set at The Summit Music Hall on July 2nd, 2010 opening for Churchill. This made up the first suite of music on what would have become our second release. Rich was SUPER sick this day, running a fever, and still played like a champ. Near the end of the video, when you see Kristen and I dancing, there were fireworks being shot off a few blocks away at Coors field.

This video is from our set at The 404 in August of 2010 opening for The Trophy Wives. This was the second suite of songs we had written for the second record. This was a sorta early version of it, as it changed quite a bit over the next year and a half.
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